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Homes for Sale Minnetonka MN

Just fifty years ago, Minnetonka Minnesota was a small community that contained many farms and horse pastures with a population of around 25,000 people. As the highways and public transportation improved, access to Minneapolis became easier and developers began to see the benefit in building new homes in Minnetonka. Now, the population has more then doubled to around 51,457 people and the area is thriving. It is the 19th largest city in Minnesota. Homes for sale Minnetonka MN range from historical properties with national recognition, to large new construction homes. There is something for everyone in Minnetonka.

Minnetonka MN Real Estate

Homes for Sale Minnetonka MNMinnetonka MN real estate is convenient. Interstate 394 and Interstate 494 provide easy access in and out of the suburban city of Minnetonka. Because Minnetonka is only eight miles from Minneapolis, many commuters live in the area. However, there are many major companies that call Minnetonka home. Corgill, the largest privately owned company, and United Healthcare, the state’s largest publicly traded company, are both located very close to Minnetonka MN real estate.

Minnetonka derives it’s name from Lake Minnetonka, which is one of the largest lakes in Minnesota. Gray’s Bay provide’s an entry to Lake Minnetonka MN, and is popular among residents. Minnetonka MN real estate is close to many recreational activities. Minnetonka homes for sale are intelligently dispersed between 49 community parks, 1,000 acres of public, protected space, and 81 miles of sidewalks and trails, which are perfect for walking, jogging, or biking. Homes for sale in Minnetonka have a fantastic view of wetlands, prairies, and mature trees.

Minnetonka MN real estate is served by three school districts. Hopkins School District covers the central and eastern parts, while Minnetonka School District covers the western part of the city. Wayzata School District serves northern parts of Minnetonka. If you are interested in finding homes for sale Minnetonka MN, use the mapping feature below. Also, feel free to contact me or view my home page for more information.

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